Seems difficult? Let’s make it easy!

Seems difficult? Let’s make it easy!

Personal Excellence

How many times it happens to us that we desire to do something but can not pick up a courage to do that because it seems difficult for us. Even when other people are doing the same task with no difficulties. What to do in this case?

Many of us just don’t do it saying that we can’t do it or it is not our cup of tea. But why to stop ourselves doing the things we like, why to let our belief hold us back. If that situation happens to me I solve it by preparing myself doing something more difficult so that the task seems easier to me.

“When things seem difficult, prepare yourself to do something more difficult and the thing will be easier by itself.”

I know you have not understood my point yet. Let me explain with an example,

Suppose you have to speak before…

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How a rejection can change your life?

How a rejection can change your life?

Personal Excellence

How do you react to rejections? anger, disappointment, frustration or dejection?

If your answer is any one of the above then you are not someone who is ready to face the challenge of life but someone who chooses to do easier things and when they become challenging you are more likely to quit even if they may help you achieve your dream.

“Don’t let the rejection be the reason for your dejection”

With this blog, I would like to explain why a rejection but not only the appreciation should motivate us to do something better in life.

Let’s first understand what is rejection and why it happens to us?

Rejection means that we are not fit for some opportunity at that particular time, the reason may be we lack some resources, knowledge or skills at that time, but it does not mean that we are not able to be fit for that…

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